Highlights of the impending Interrobang! Part 1

As you probably know from our unceasing shouting, we’re throwing an all day extravaganza of spoken word, music, theatre and comedy in a couple of weeks. (We do hope you’re coming along. You’ll be missed otherwise.) 
Well, to get you in the spirit for all the amazing performances we’ll have on the day, we’re putting together a couple of articles to show you some of the highlights you can look forward to. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin…

Sid Bose

Sid Bose is a voice to be reckoned with. From India to the USA to London, Sid reshapes human experience into stories that grip the imagination. Intense breakneck sprints through narrative that leave you breathless. His critically acclaimed work Kalagora is comprised of two linked pieces; a debut collection of poetry and a one man play that has seen packed audiences across the country.

Sid Bose will be performing in the Choice Words poetry slot which starts at 7pm.


Hella Better Dancer

This is the band you want to root for in any situation. Swiftly rising through the music ranks, this four piece play beautifully crafted indie rock. Serene vocals wafting over jangly guitar riffs. Perfection.

Hella Better Dancer are on at 9.30, along with Golden Feathers who’ll be closing the night.


Phil Mann’s Full Mind

Phil Mann has an inquiring mind which he puts to stellar use for his show Phil Mann’s Full Mind. Taking questions from each audience, Phil crafts enlightening and highly entertaining lectures on a multitude of topics. Expect to laugh out loud. Expect to leave knowing something you probably didn’t.

Phil Mann will be presenting his Full Mind at 10pm 


Devawn Wilkinson

One of the brilliant minds behind MAP Poetry and recently commissioned by Flight 2012, Devawn is an exceptional poet who is rising swiftly through the ranks as an established and highly praised poet.

Devawn Wilkinson will be performing in the Words of the Day poetry slot which starts at 2.30


That’s it for Part 1 of the Interrobang Highlights. Stay tuned for more.

Remember, Interrobang is on November 17th at The Betsey Trotwood.
Get your tickets early from the website.



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