Past Events


Annexe and EKO present… Et Al.
Thursday 7th June
The Charterhouse Bar 

For this Et Al event we were joined by the fantastic EKO collective.

On stage we had Charlie Dupre, Phil Mann, James Brookes and Ben Dodson.
To see pictures from the night head here and to hear some snippets from the performances head here.


A Pigeon, A Kitchen and An Annexe: Sites of Alternative Publishing
Five Years Gallery
Saturday 18th February – 4th May

Annexe was invited to be part of an exhibition exploring alternative and independent publishing practices. Curated by the Ladies of the Press*, the exhibition charted the work of three publishing bodies and how they would respond to the issues facing publishing today.

For the show, Annexe transferred a collection of stories onto thin reels of paper which replaced the ribbon inside cassette tapes. By doctoring a couple of cassette players, Annexe made it possible to read each story by loading the cassette onto the player and pressing play.

See videos, pictures and read more about this show.



Annexe Presents…
Et Al.
Tuesday 18th October

The Charterhouse Bar
38 Charterhouse Street

Click the picture see the detail in startling… detail.
Our first event under the Annexe name!

Hear the podcast from this lightning event.

The fantastic poet, writer and magician, Nathan Penlington heads up this Annexe special event at The Charterhouse in Farringdon.
For one night only Annexe will transform The Charterhouse Bar into a fairground of literary delights. From letterpress confectionery to prizes for puns, the night is all about the fun drawn from playing with words.

On the bill for the night we have:
Charlie Dupré
Will Conway
Gloria Sanders
Instant Theatre
Nathan Penlington
Alongside the main show, we will be presenting a number of other activities.Book Swap
Letterpress Biscuits
Spoken Word DJs


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