A lovely shout-out about Interrobang Festival from our literary comrades Inc. zine! They’ll be bringing the poetic funk with a barrage of brilliant performances on the day.


The Interrobang is the latest piece of punctuation to enter the English dictionary and also the hottest literary festival this side of the Welsh border (before we go any further, pub quiz aficionados might like to know that an interrobang denotes a rhetorical question, or a combination of a question mark and an exclamation mark, or !?)

The all-day festival is running on Saturday 17th November over three floors of a beautiful old Victorian pub in Farringdon. For the full lineup visit the official webpage.

Inc. zine have been invited to host the spoken word contingent from 4.30pm, where we’ll bring our trademark energetic poetry party to the stage. We’ve lined up performances from our favourite duo Nichol Keene and Toby D’Angeli (Elephant), as well as Zia Ahmed and the hilarious Gary From Leeds (fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe), all accompanied by political musings from Selina Nwulu.

Hosted by Annexe…

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