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Annexe aims to provide a platform for new and emerging writers to present their work to a wide and receptive audience. To do this we have established the Annexe Introducing series. Each pamphlet contains a small selection of work from a new writer. We carefully select the authors and work with them in an editorial role to help bring their writing to the best possible standard.

For you, it’s a chance to get a taste of their writing so that you can get all excited and find out more about them. For us it’s an opportunity to show you what we’re working on and to give a little glimpse of the bigger collections we are planning for next year. With a little love, the Annexe Introducing collection will keep growing and we can regularly share the work of new and innovative writers with you.

ATTENTION: We exist primarily at now so you cannot purchase the pamphlets from the wordpress site anymore. Click on any image on the page to be transported as if by magic to the new Annexe Introducing page.


Annexe Introducing #1
The Audience Member
Amber Massie-Blomfield
[Short Fiction]

Upon realising that his life and family have crumbled away, John escapes from his soul-sucking office and reaches out to find some kind of meaning.

Released to coincide with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Audience Member draws on the theatre as starting point and setting.

£2 (50p postage)   


Annexe Introducing #2
Selected Poems
Charlotte Newman
At once visceral and delicate, Newman’s poetry conjures images of vitriolic action and repentant consequence.

This pamphlet contains a selection of poems that will feature in Newman’s full collection, Tremel, which is to be published by Annexe in 2013.

£2 (50p postage)


Annexe Introducing #3
The Histories
Michael C Schuller

From a larger work based on the writings of Herodotus, The Histories is a series of poems recounting snapshots of personal history, each titled after one of the Greek Muses.

£2 (50p postage)


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