Like the bazaars of old, our shop is slowly taking form. Like a couple of sheets over a wood frame and a table full of trinkets, our humble shop displays the products of our heartfelt craft.


The Waterworld Poster

We enjoy the finer things in life. Sometimes what we think are the finer things are different from what others think are the finer things.

A3 Blue risograph print on cream evercolour paper.
£2 (and that includes postage!) Get your eager hands on one post haste!


Spoken Word Mixtapes Volumes 1 & 2


All our mixtapes are available to listen to on online, but for those of you who like a finely crafted object we have compiled all current spoken word mixtapes into two volumes and produced them as the beautiful CDs you see above.

Spoken Word Mixtapes Vol. 1

Track Listing
Mixtape 1. 22:45
Mixtape 2. 13:38
Mixtape 3. 13.15

£2.50 (+5op postage)



Spoken Word Mixtape Vol. 2

Track Listing
Mixtape 4. 28:06
Halloween Mixtape. 31:50






The Mapping Poetry Map #1

Created for the first Mapping Poetry event, this rather peculiar cartographic gem holds within it the work of five poets who have written on the notion of location.

The map folds up into a self-contained triangle. The fold was created and widely used by soldiers during The Great Patriotic War, a time when censorship was a major concern and letters had to be read before coming off the front line.

Green risograph print on pale yellow Evercolour paper.
£2 (that’s including postage)



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