Annexe is a love letter to the written word.

A small press publication with its eyes set on the stars? A zine with delusions of grandeur? A collective and collaborative diary of contemporary culture? Annexe is probably all of the above. It is certainly much more than the sum of its parts.

Annexe is group of not so like-minded people, all with a love of story telling. We hope to create a place, both online and in print, in publication and in performance, where writing can thrive. Language is communication and we just want to say…


Annexe has a small clutch of regular writers and the odd guest writer (of which you could be one too, you know).

Sorting through the sea of words, and casting in his own literary flotsam, is our devoted and diligent editor, Nick Murray.

When he’s not heading the literary charge and flying the Annexe banner, Nick writes his own prose. His pamphlet, First Sketches, was published at the end of 2010 and he is putting the second collection together as we speak. His stories have been featured in publications such as Jawbreakers; an anthology published for National Flash Fiction Day, Inc. magazine and POETRY.

Bringing up the flank is production powerhouse, Alex Mee.


An audio producer by trade, Alex turn his hand to the alternative literature scene when Annexe started planning the theatre production of the Odyssey (in the works, so stay tuned). Since then he has proved himself over and over to be the guy that gets things done. A regular writer for the magazine and a pillar of Annexe live events.


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