Spoken Word Mixtape #4

We love working at Annexe HQ, but of course we love the weekend too. That’s a given, sure. What we especially love is having a great song or story to listen to as we while away the weekend hours. We like to imagine that you enjoy that too, and so for your listening pleasure we are proud to present the latest spoken word mixtape.

We have scoured our collections for some pretty unique stuff for this latest offering. For example, did you know David Shrigley released an album? Well he did. It’s all spoken word and experimental instrumentals. There’s a little of that on there. Christian Bök pops up near the end with a passage from his book, Eunoia. If you listen carefully you’ll notice that the letter e is the only vowel he uses! Alongside the spoken word, you can look forward to some brilliant music too. There’s a new track by Hot Chip and one from up-and-coming London band, Hella Better Dancer.


Sara Lai – Introduction
Emily Loizeau – Le Coeur d’un Géant
Patti Smith – Amelia Earhart
Hot Chip – Flutes
David Shrigley – Eggs
Evelyn Waugh – Portrait of a Young Man with Career (excerpt)
Cornelius – Brazil
Hella Better Dancer – Take This
Susan Sontag – What Relieves, Soothes, Helps
Kimbra – Somebody Please
Glasser – Clamour
Christian Bök – Chapter E from Eunoia (excerpt)


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