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Spoken Word Mixtape #4

We love working at Annexe HQ, but of course we love the weekend too. That’s a given, sure. What we especially love is having a great song or story to listen to as we while away the weekend hours. We like to imagine that you enjoy that too, and so for your listening pleasure we are proud to present the latest spoken word mixtape.

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Our Halloween Spoken Word Mixtape

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! You might have done your All Hallows partying this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that today can’t be a spookfest too. To help you celebrate in true spooky style, we’ve put together a ghoulish spoken word mixtape. From Edgar Allan Poe to Massive Attack. From Emilie Autumn to The Moulettes with a hair-raising stop at Bram Stoker. It’s all there with many more stories and tunes to chill the blood.

If you wish to see your inevitable fate, see the tracklist after the jump.
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Spoken Word Mixtape #3

Finally, our third Mixtape is ready for your aural consumption. It’s taken a while, but only because we’ve been scheming and planning all sorts of other delights for you. Like this.

Our first ever literary event takes place on Tuesday 18th of October. If you’re London-bound you should come along. We’ve got fantastic guest writers and poets, Instant Theatre and you can also get the first three spoken word mixtapes on CD, in a hand-made, limited edition slipcase, absolutely free!
So, back to the mixtape:

Full tracklist after the jump.

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Spoken Word Mixtape #2

Welcome one and all to the second Annexe Magazine Spoken Word Mixtape.
We’ve started off with a slightly ambient tone for this one.
Highlights include excerpts from Samuel Beckett, a poem from Tracie Morris, a tune from Gold Panda and a rather famous voice reading some Emily Dickinson. I’ll try to contain the surprise for as long as possible, but I make no promises about spilling the beans. (If you recognise who it is, stick the answer in a comment and maybe we’ll send you a prize.)

Akron/Family – Island
Thomas A. Clark – Some Flowers
Samuel Beckett – An excerpt from Text For Nothing
Max Richter – Return to Prague
Doyeq – Ballet in a Box
Tracie Morris – Mother Earth
Gold Panda – Same Dream China
Emily Dickinson – J.657 (I Dwell in Possibility)
Herbert Huncke – The Lights Are Shining On Me

Annexe Spoken Word Mixtape #1

Welcome to the first Annexe spoken word mixtape. Thanks to Tom Chivers of the fantastic Penned in the Margins, I had the opportunity to create a few of these spoken word/instrumental mixes for PitM events. At each event, people came up to me and gave such encouraging words that I thought it was about time to make a more permanent version. This will hopefully be the first of many.



It’s a blend of spoken word sourced primarily from the bottomless resource that is UBUweb, (though a couple aren’t so if you’d like direct links don’t hesitate to email us) and mainly instrumental music. It’s a very different process making these live, so i’m hoping the end product is still an enjoyable one. Please do let us know what you think.

This City is Hell – Plaid
The Cure – William Carlos Williams
To Jack Kerouac – Ted Berrigan
Anonanimal (instrumental) – Andrew Bird
Excerpt from an Audio Walk – Janet Cardiff
Go Out and Love Something – Pogo
The Titanic – David Greenberger
Bug (Electric Last Minute) – Cornelius
Disconnected – Allen Ginsberg
African Orange – The Peppermint Lounge
Tomorrow Comes Today (instrumental) – Gorillaz
Instructions – Neil Gaiman