Spoken Word Mixtape #3

Finally, our third Mixtape is ready for your aural consumption. It’s taken a while, but only because we’ve been scheming and planning all sorts of other delights for you. Like this.

Our first ever literary event takes place on Tuesday 18th of October. If you’re London-bound you should come along. We’ve got fantastic guest writers and poets, Instant Theatre and you can also get the first three spoken word mixtapes on CD, in a hand-made, limited edition slipcase, absolutely free!
So, back to the mixtape:

Full tracklist after the jump.

Samson Agonistes – Ogden Nash
Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
How to Make a Happening – Allen Kaprow
Hide in Trees – David Greenberger
Poets Don’t Own Words – Brion Gysin
Dance of the Ancestors – Yusuke Tsutsumi
Cats – Marylyn Plessner
Ný batterí (excerpt) – Sigur Rós
When All This is Over – Siobhán Campbell
Read, Eat, Sleep – The Books


2 responses to “Spoken Word Mixtape #3

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