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Highlights of the Impending Interrobang Part 2

Continuing with the highlights of our upcoming super-celebration of stories¬†here’s another handful of incredible acts you can look forward to. Off we go! Continue reading


The Interrobang Line-up is here!

The full line-up for Interrobang Festival is online! Have a gander at the plethora of stunning acts we’ve got for you and then head over to the Interrobang website and buy a ticket! It’s only ¬£6 after all.


Review: Fable

Annexe stalwart, Alexander Mee, delves into the newly formed fiction Zine, Fable.

The experience of meeting a perfect partner on a night out is (and I suspect always will be for me) a rare, near mystical event. The attraction, discovery and wonder of that singular event, the connection and intensity that I fear and welcome remind me of coming to review Fable.

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Et Al – In Pictures

Thank you everyone who came along to our event on Thursday. We had an absolute blast and we hope you did too. If you couldn’t make it, we’ve got a few tidbits to show you what went on. Starting with a few photographs of the night.

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This Meanwhile is a small press special. We went along to Publish and be Damned’s self-publishing fair at the ICA yesterday and here are some of the incredible exhibiting publishers that we think are well worth getting to know better.

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In Numbers – a review

In Numbers: Serial Publications By Artists Since 1955
ICA 25/01 – 25/03

It is often hard to tell whether the curators at the ICA have a sense of humour. I like to think that this exhibition illustrates that they do have a little laugh at themselves every once in a while. Or at least I hope that they at least see the irony that they have inadvertently created.
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