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The Word According to Abe Christie

It’s that time again. are you sitting comfortably? then let’s begin.

(remember, all it takes is a click to see the comic in a gargantuan new way.)

you can visit Abe’s page here and see his daily comic blog here.


More Words from Abe Christie

Oh, you lucky folks. It’s an Abe Christie double whammy this week. We caught up with him for a quick interview. So, here it is, with a few strips from his own site.

Let’s start with a history of your art. How did you start drawing?
I started drawing like most people, doodling from a young age.
I found comics when I was about 15 through superheroes like Spiderman. After growing a bit I found an amazing comic called Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson which was the first autobiographical comic I read.
I really enjoy the idea of dealing with superheroes, because they are so iconic they can be used to play with the comic form.

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The Word According to Abe Christie

We’re a little late bringing this installment of Abe’s fantastic comic this week, but we will be making it up to you. Before the week is up we’ll have a chat with the man himself and find out what makes him tick. Watch out for the results.

Click the image to see it bigger. As if you’re seeing it up close. Really close.

The Word According to Abe Christie

Here we are for another exciting installment of The Word According to Abe Christie.

Oh Heathcliffe. You forget, I don't want no scrubs.Click through to see the comic embiggened.

As an added bonus, we’re giving you the chance to ask Abe ANYTHING! So, if you really want to know the real deal about Abe, leave your questions on the comments and he’ll give you the word next time.

The Word According to Abe Christie

Welcome, one and all, to the first in a series of comics drawn exclusively for us by the fantastic Abe Christie.Monobrowed by Abe ChristieClick the image to see the hilarity in 3D! ok, not 3D, but WAY bigger.

Abe is a graphic artist residing in London. No doubt you will learn more about this dark horse as his comics are let loose on the interweb.
If you can’t wait that long, you can visit his page here and see his daily comic blog here.