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Spoken Word Mixtape #2

Welcome one and all to the second Annexe Magazine Spoken Word Mixtape.
We’ve started off with a slightly ambient tone for this one.
Highlights include excerpts from Samuel Beckett, a poem from Tracie Morris, a tune from Gold Panda and a rather famous voice reading some Emily Dickinson. I’ll try to contain the surprise for as long as possible, but I make no promises about spilling the beans. (If you recognise who it is, stick the answer in a comment and maybe we’ll send you a prize.)

Akron/Family – Island
Thomas A. Clark – Some Flowers
Samuel Beckett – An excerpt from Text For Nothing
Max Richter – Return to Prague
Doyeq – Ballet in a Box
Tracie Morris – Mother Earth
Gold Panda – Same Dream China
Emily Dickinson – J.657 (I Dwell in Possibility)
Herbert Huncke – The Lights Are Shining On Me


Annexe Spoken Word Mixtape #1

Welcome to the first Annexe spoken word mixtape. Thanks to Tom Chivers of the fantastic Penned in the Margins, I had the opportunity to create a few of these spoken word/instrumental mixes for PitM events. At each event, people came up to me and gave such encouraging words that I thought it was about time to make a more permanent version. This will hopefully be the first of many.



It’s a blend of spoken word sourced primarily from the bottomless resource that is UBUweb, (though a couple aren’t so if you’d like direct links don’t hesitate to email us) and mainly instrumental music. It’s a very different process making these live, so i’m hoping the end product is still an enjoyable one. Please do let us know what you think.

This City is Hell – Plaid
The Cure – William Carlos Williams
To Jack Kerouac – Ted Berrigan
Anonanimal (instrumental) – Andrew Bird
Excerpt from an Audio Walk – Janet Cardiff
Go Out and Love Something – Pogo
The Titanic – David Greenberger
Bug (Electric Last Minute) – Cornelius
Disconnected – Allen Ginsberg
African Orange – The Peppermint Lounge
Tomorrow Comes Today (instrumental) – Gorillaz
Instructions – Neil Gaiman