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Nightjar Press – Treasuring the short story


Following on from our Long Live Print column, we met with Nicholas Royle, the founder of Nightjar Press. Elevating the short story as a form of fiction is Royle’s MO. Each release from Nightjar brings a single short story to the fore and presents it as an elegant chapbook with all the care and aesthetic consideration of a longer work.  Continue reading


Peirene Press hold an event for Sea of Ink


Ink is a vital fluid. Ink flows and binds. Ink is as fundamental to the transmission of ideas as blood is to oxygen, as semen to intergenerational conflict. I use ink daily to excise thoughts from my brain, to scratch out a half understood meaning and structure to my stupidity. I have ink on my fingertips. I have ink in my skin, perhaps as a prosthetic personality, but hopefully as a measure of control over form. Ink is a vehicle for essence. Continue reading

Review: Sea of Ink by Richard Weihe

In a double whammy of literary proportions, we read Richard Weihe’s Sea of Ink and attended an event all about the book. So, in two articles, by two Annexians, we will discuss Peirene Press’s latest publication, starting with a review by Annexe editor Nick Murray.

Sea of Ink – Richard Weihe

I sometimes struggle with reviews of translated works. Am I reviewing the original story or the skill of the translator? It’s true that both of these come into question when reading a work such as Sea of Ink. Meike Ziervogel, Peirene founder, said herself that Sea of Ink and Meer de Tusche [the original German title] are completely different texts. Continue reading

The Lost Art of the Letterpress

As it may have been mentioned in a previous post, I have been loudly singing the praises of block printing in the Annexe HQ recently. The art of the printing press has been a long standing love of mine and any chance to share it is readily  jumped upon.

Now, while I could bore you batty with an intricate history of printing through the ages, the main reason for this article (and the reason I’ve become a source of annoyance in the HQ) is the discovery of a collection of artists working with block printing today. Are you sitting comfortably, then let’s begin.

Continue reading