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Review: Reptile Museum by Cody Pickrodt

Nick Murray reviews a graphic tale of a world in which the apocalypse has long since come and gone. Folks get by how they can and mysterious characters appear without warning.

reptile header

Apocalyptic fiction is thick on the ground these days. So much so that it is hard to see the quality wood for the repetitive trees. One can find themselves sifting through Walking Dead clones wishing for the days when the end of the world didn’t have to be signalled by shambling zombies, never thinking they’ll see the end until, as if by chance, they stumble upon Cody Pickrodt’s Reptile Museum.  Continue reading


Review: The House That Groaned by Karrie Fransman

Karrie Fransman’s first graphic novel is a story of disparate bodies and the ties they form in the space that contains them. Sombre and dark with bursts of delight. Read our review of this brilliantly crafted snapshot of human interaction.
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