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Socialising is an important part of a healthy life

Apologies! We’ve been rather quiet as of late. This is because we took a brief sojourn up to Edinburgh to relax, recharge and see some fantastic theatre during the Fringe Festival. We’re back now and there’s much to tell. Our typewriters have not stopped clacking since our return so stay tuned for a plethora of literary gifts.

Also, we’ve clambered through the forests of the internet to set up camp over on facebook. It’ll serve mainly as a heads-up to our more social networking based readers, but also there’ll be a few tidbits that we don’t find a place for on here. Go have a look. If you like us, we’d like it if you liked us.

We’ve also got our Twitter up and running. Have a look to see our opinions on this that and the other. @AnnexeMag