Bookmaking workshops, theatrical double bills, charts on the 3rd act twist and literary blind dates are all going on in the latest Meanwhile. If you fancy seeing a one-woman show about a magical clock, want to attend a five day long book-craft extravaganza or find out what a Double Shyamalan entails, head below the jump. 

We Make Books

Our esteemed friends We Make Books, otherwise known as Lina Avramidou and Manuel Mazzotti, are going to be part of an event next month that sounds absolutely brilliant. For a whole five days they will be joining forces with Black Fox Bindery, Paolo Tadeo Books, Haccamoiai and a host of other creative heroes of bookbinding. They’ll be taking over the Meanwhile Space in Stoke Newington and from there they’ll be displaying their beautiful work and running workshops in printmaking and bookbinding. If you came along to Interrobang you might have seen some of the incredible books they make, but if not let me tell you that what they is really unique. If you’re around between the 13th and 17th of March, get yourself over there.

Click the flyer for more details.

Menawhile Space Event


The Clock / Radha is Looking Good – a double bill at The Pleasance

Last year Gloria Sanders and Chandni Mistry debuted their one-woman plays in a double bill and if you missed it, they are bringing the duet back this weekend. The two plays are really quite unique, but by showing them together each one gets a little boost from the other as little connections form. Utilising clever monologue and physical theatre, The Clock and Radha is Looking Good both capture the audience in ideas that start simply and grow into really intriguing stories. Both plays are showing at The Pleasance on the 22nd and the 23rd of February. Have a look here for full details.


For a humorous look at the various twists and turns of narrative have a glance at Hervet Ismuth’s 42 essential 3rd act twistsFrom peripeteia and deus ex machina to the Shyamalan and even the double shyamalan. All possible narrative twists are explained with a handy diagram.


Here’s a lovely leftover from Valentines found by a redditor in his local library.
It’s a blind date with a book. Each one is covered up with paper and on the covering is a design and a little bit about the book so that, without giving too much away, you know a little of what you might be in for. A fantastic idea in our opinion!


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