An Arms-Open Leap into the New Year!


2013 is just around the corner! We’ve survived torrential rain, at least a couple of near-apocalyptic instances, overzealous family members around the Christmas dinner table and a slew of events that will shake their fists as we sail past into the new year. Well done!

Now here at Annexe HQ we are really quite excited about the next year. We’ve got a multitude of projects, events and books to give you that we are so proud to be working on. To celebrate what promises to be a whirlwind year, we’re kicking of with a bit of a spoken word party! On Friday 18th January we will fill the space that formerly held the BBC London offices with performances from some incredible poets, writers and musicians. Expect poetry with live soundtrack, animated stories that are illustrated as they are performed, short films, the whole nine yards.

Recently we met with the director of the fantastic Theatre Delicatessen and while chatting about various projects, we realised we were made for each other. As of the new year Theatre Delicatessen will be hosting a number of our spoken word nights and literary experiments. We’re feeling pretty chuffed about this as, not only are the TD team incredible to work with, but they are based in the former BBC London studios in the centre of town. It’s a huge space that we intend to run rampant within.

So let’s introduce you to a few performers:

inua thumb We are incredibly privileged to bring you the astounding Inua Ellams.
Poet, playwright, performer, artist and designer. Inua is one of hardest working poets in the capital and 2012 was a whirlwind year with his show Black T-shirt Collection receiving critical acclaim. He’ll be closing our first show of the new year with his unique and captivating poetic styles.

amber thumbAmber Massie-Blomfield is an Annexe favourite. Her short stories have featured on our site and in our events on a number of occasions. For this show, we have been working together to create something really special. Amber has combined her stellar prose with our in-house illustration and animation team to form an animated illustration that will accompany her performance.

eley thumbEley Williams, a first-class writer and Interrobang performer, has been in the Annexe studios too. We formed a similar starting point to Amber, but the result has become an entirely different animal. Tapping into sound as a descriptive vehicle, Eley will be pushing forward on an auditory journey through story and soundscape.

talia thumbTalia Randall is a poet with considerable lexical skill. Her recent EP 3 Mile Radius proves this and more. We’re really delighted to have Talia performing some of her work for us.

phil thumbThe creative engine that is Phil Mann is returning with his brilliant show, Phil Mann’s Full Mind. If you’re not familiar with it, well, you should be because it is a must-see event! Phil has embarked on the task of finding the answer to all and every question put to him. In his fast-paced style, he unveils these answers as short talks. Entertaining and fulfilling all in one.

 A songwriter renowned across the country for his charged performances and powerful songs, Joe Wilkes is a champion of the folk world. His last album charts the life of Spanish poet Lorca through birth, life, death and rediscovery. We’re pretty excited to have him on stage.



The New Year, Et Al. will take place in the Theatre Delicatessen residence,
35 Marylebone High Street. 

Friday 18th January
Doors open at 7pm. Performances will start at 7.30, but come down early to have a celebratory drink with us and to play some wordy games.

If you want to grab a ticket in advance, head over here


5 responses to “An Arms-Open Leap into the New Year!

  1. And when is this taking place? 🙂

  2. This event looks fantastic – how do we buy tickets/reserve a place?

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