After a mad few weeks putting together Interrobang, we’re blasting back into action with the online side of Annexe. As we haven’t had a meanwhile in some time, here’s one for you. A list of what’s going on in literature both in cyberspace (how delightfully 90’s) and IRL.

We’ve got poems created by search engines, book vending machines, beautifully scented poetry, and some love poems that just stink!

Google Poetics 

Google’s Autocomplete feature is often a source of amusement, but recently Sampsa Nuotio and Raisa Omaheimo shed an entirely new light on the suggestive ghost in the machine. They have found the poetry in the search engine and have started documenting it at Google Poetics.


Some Notes on the Novella

Some have been known to consider the novella to be a poor man’s novel (not us obviously), but Ian McEwan has spoken out against the naysayers in his article for the New Yorker. In Notes on the Novella, he explains why the novella is the perfect form of prose fiction.


The Biblio-Mat

Now this is something really special. a handcrafted machine that vends random books at the push of a button. Stephen Fowler of Toronto bookshop Monkey’s Paw created the contraption from an old metal locker.


Penning Perfumes at Clerkenwell Tales

The fantastic duo behind the scent inspired poetry night, Penning Perfumes, are back with another event. This time it is being held at Clerkenwell Tales on Wednesday 28th November.
Go along to experience poems inspired by scents and vice versa.
See all the details and get tickets.


Bad Love Poetry

As part of the Five Years Publication Season the Ladies of the Press* and the FWA invite you to sip some rosé and enjoy the most incredible “bloody awful love poetry” in town. On Friday 30th November, LotP* present a night of bad love poetry and all that entails. Expect cringe-worthy similes, overwrought performances and a zine documenting the whole night.


One response to “Meanwhile…

  1. Love Google Poetics! Others who do might also like Pentametron on Twitter – it searches the Twitterverse for posts in iambic pentameter and shoves ’em together, occasionally to coincidental genius.

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