Highlights on the Impending Interrobang Part 3

As if you weren’t excited enough about Interrobang already! Well, to fill that excitement up to the brim here is one more round of highlights from TOMORROW’S festival! 


In The Dark Radio

In The Dark is the kind of project we all wish we started. A collaborative effort between radio producers, spoken word artists, sound designers and audio enthusiasts with the sole goal of elevating spoken word radio out of its traditional, and sometimes antiquated, setting and transforming it a thousand new and exciting things. For Interrobang, we are joined by Nina Garthwaite, In The Dark founder, who will be bringing along their mobile library! We will be graced with the finest selection of spoken word and sonic art vinyls, CDs, cassettes and MP3’s for you to peruse at your leisure.

The Listening Library will be open from 12.30-4 AND Nina Garthwaite will be giving a talk on the history of spoken word radio at 3pm


Charlie Dupre

With an encyclopedic knowledge of Shakespearean tragedy and a PhD in sick rhymes, Charlie Dupre is undoubtedly a master of the modern retelling. If ever you’d forgotten why the bard is so cool, Charlie Dupre will swiftly remind you.

Charlie is performing in the spoken word slot Words of the Day at 2.30pm


Gemma Seltzer

Gemma Seltzer is a cartographer of sorts. Through her elegant and often funny writing, Gemma charts the movement of the city through its inhabitants or its tranquil places or its nocturnal traces. She finds unique entry points into the heart of everyday life and draws out the things that make it fascinating.

Gemma Seltzer will be reading as part of the Word of the Day slot at 2.30pm




Interrobang Festival is on November 17th (That’s tomorrow!) at The Betsey Trotwood. It’s an all day affair, from noon to midnight, so come along and enjoy the multitude of incredible acts we’ve got in store.





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