The Launch of Annexe Introducing

Perhaps you’ve heard that we’ve put together a little festival of spoken word, music, theatre and comedy. That’s fast approaching and is set to be a cracking event. Do come along. 
What you may not have heard is that a highlight of the festival will be the launch party for our first in-print series, Annexe Introducing.

We have been, and still are, working with three writers to bring their incredible talent to the masses. To do so, we are publishing a selection of their work in beautifully designed (if we do say so ourselves) and expertly printed pamphlets. 

For you, it’s a chance to get a taste of their writing so that you can get all excited and find out more about them. For us it’s an opportunity to show you what we’re working on and to give a little glimpse of the bigger collections we are planning for next year. With a little love, the Annexe Introducing collection will keep growing and we can regularly share the work of new and innovative writers with you.

The Writers:

Amber Massie-Blomfield

Amber Massie-Blomfield, prose writer and a PR principle consultant, has become somewhat of an Annexe darling. We have published two of her stories online, one story on a doctored cassette tape for an interactive art installation and we couldn’t wait to invite her to publish with us in print. Hers was the first in the Introducing series and it had a small test run during the Edinburgh festival where it was a runaway success. Now we get the chance to show you all just how good the pamphlet is.

Michael Schuller

An American in London, programmer, Creative Writing master. Michael Schuller is the whole package. His latest collection is a poetry series on the works of Herodotus.
We had read some of Michael’s work quite a while ago and it stayed with us, lingering in our collective mind, and so he was a natural choice when the Introducing series came into being.

Charlotte Newman

A regular writer for Poetry Review and Horizon Review, and a reviewer for the Observer and the Literary Review, Charlotte Newman is a seasoned literateur.
We first met Charlotte when Annexe editor, Nick Murray, worked with her on the Penning Perfumes pamphlet. Her poetry stood out as exceptional writing and we have been working together to bring this latest work to print.

So, that’s our first three writers for Annexe Introducing. The champions in the vanguard of this exciting project. As it grows, we hope to see many more writers eager to move forward with us and the Introducing series will be only the beginning of that.


Please do join us for the launch party for Annexe Introducing. We will be unveiling the first three pamphlets in the series and all three authors will be reading a selection of their work.

It is happening as part of Interrobang Festival on November 17th at The Betsey Trotwood, Clerkenwell.
The launch itself will be at 8.30pm, but we highly recommend coming along for more of the festival. Events are running from noon through until midnight. Have a look at what is coming up here or here.


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