Two Tales: Will Conway

Adding a bit more prose to the proceedings, we are joined by Will Conway. As part of Two Tales (the much loved sister of Two Poems) Will is reading his short story Transport, and a story by Ted Hughes called How the Cat Became.

We chatted to Will a little bit about the two stories and you can read all about it after the jump. 

Why did you choose the Ted Hughes short? I love that you’ve picked a cat story and a dog story!

Ted Hughes is something else. The Iron Man was my childhood; I loved the black & white illustrations. My recent illustrated collection, Eat My Shorts, reminded me of that and the collection How the Whale Became. I chose the cat because I’ve been compared to a cat, which I can’t pretend I don’t
see. I never wanted to join in with people rushing around and only ever ended up good at stuff by accident. I also know how he feels with everyone around him telling him to get a job.

Speaking of jobs, I had a dream about flying out the window at work
and nobody really caring and so the idea of the pathetic side of
having your dream power came about. I know ever since Spiderman, the
whole comic book and movie world loves trying to show the ‘human side’
of superheroes but I think they always get a bit caught up in
themselves. I’m more interested in the fumbling. Incidentally Sylvia
Maria Saunders illustrated another unglamorous super power story of
mine: Orgasman [which you can read here]


Will Conway lives in London where he is working on a time-travel, dinosaur extravaganza. His first short story collection, Tastes of Ink, is published by Lazy Gramaphone and he has just been part of their new anthology, Time. 

If you’d like to read more of Will’s short fiction jump over to his series Eat My Shorts.


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