From an article on the future remix of the novel to a show about remixing TV to make poetry with a healthy stop at near-future sci-fi in the middle. Have a look after the jump at the literary tidbits that we think you should know about. 

China Mieville speculates on the future of novel culture

For the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Edinburgh Writers’ Conference, a contemporary writers conference was held as part of the Edinburgh Book Festival.

China Mieville gave his much challenged prediction of a future wherein novels are freely taken, altered and remixed. “Anyone who wants to shove their hands into a book and grub about in its innards, add to and subtract from it, and pass it on, will … be able to do so without much difficulty.”
Read The Guardian’s article on the conference.


Stand By For Tape Back-Up: Scratch with Ross Sutherland

Perpetually innovative poet Ross Sutherland is back from his hit Edinburgh run (Comedian Dies in the Middle of a Joke) with yet another brilliant show. Stand By for Tape Back-up sees Ross utilising looped fragments of film and TV to create backdrops for his unique poetic style. It’s on for three nights only at the Battersea Arts Centre and it’s pay what you can so we advise you to get down early.

BAC page for Stand By for Tape Back-up


Launch of Holophin & Emergency Window
Saturday 8th September
47/49 Tanner Street, SE1 3PL

Ross Sutherland has a second appearance here with the launch of his latest poetry collection Emergency Window. The event is a joint launch of Penned in the Margins’ two most recent publications. It’s a perfect pairing as both books deal with contemporary society and everyday problems using unnerving and jarring near-future cityscapes as a setting. Holophin, by Luke Kennard, is a striking debut novella from an already accomplished poet and Emergency Window is Ross Sutherland’s second full collection, following on from his brilliant Things To Do Before You Leave Town and poetry series Twelve Nudes.

This is one we highly recommend. Read our review of Holophin, our own editor’s interview with Ross Sutherland for Penned in the Margins or jump straight to the event page for the Launch of Holophin and Emergency Window.


Lightspeed Magazine

Finally, following the science fiction theme, we want to highlight an exemplary science fiction magazine that has gone from strength to strength since its conception. They publish four original short stories every month plus four fiction reprints and author interviews and artist galleries. What’s more they give it all to you for nothing.

Have a look here.




Have a raging disapproval of Mieville’s comments? Know a better place to find great sci-fi? Let us know in the comments.


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