Snippets of Et Al. – 7th June

 Two weeks ago, we had a little spoken word night. If you came along, you’ll remember just how arresting our performers were. If not, we’ve decided to let you in on a little of what went on. After the jump you can hear one snippet from each of the spoken word performers from Annexe Presents… Et Al. (7th June). Enjoy!

James Brookes has been tipped as one of Britain’s most promising young poets and it shows. His work is immediately evocative of the barren moorlands and unnerving creatures he describes.

Phil Mann started Full Mind as a kind of side project. It sat alongside his main show at Edinburgh Festival and comfortably took up 20 minutes outside of the usual performance handiwork. As these things are prone to do, Full Mind took on a life of its own as a hugely successful show that has been running for two years.

Charlie Dupré is a genius of performance poetry. His fast paced style is unique to the poetry scene and he uses it perfectly to spit forth his writing.

And that’s it for now. If you enjoyed what you heard, please do join us for our next Et Al night which will be on Thursday 16th of August. More on that later.
If you haven’t seen them already, there are tons of photos from the night on our facebook page. 

Photographs by Selina Mayer.


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