Poem in Which – Amy Key

From Dover to Kent and Tyneside and now residing in London, Amy Key constantly shows herself to be a poet of considerable skill. Her poems conjure images that are at once delicate and commanding.
Amy has kindly endowed us with Poem in Which, one of her recent works, to present to you.

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Poem in Which

I describe ‘tulle’ and ‘chiffon’.
His eyes replace mine.
In which I walk with a paper bag of pears.
The wind laps at my ankles.
I covet the turquoise paisley dress.
I relent – as you wish, as you wish.
Poem in which I leave my flat to the sockless beatnik.
I have enamelled ears.
In which I visit The Empire of Tiny Dogs.
Poem with peeptoes.
In which there are splintering bones.
I chuck out all my undergarments.
Poem scented with galaxolide.
Old photographs graze memories.
In which I have an insatiable thirst.
Poem about pyjamas.
In which a man walks down Walworth Road in the rain, with two battered sausages (unwrapped).
Poem written on the joy/doom axis.
Love poem to a chandelier.
In which again your actions are foolish.
Poem to conceal some feelings in.
Where I drink champagne from a coal-dusted thimble.
Poem to avalanche your heart.



Amy Key is a London-based poet. Her work has appeared in Magma, South Bank Poetry, Smiths Knoll, Rising and the Penned in the Margins anthology City State: The New London Poetry. A collection of her work was published by Tall-Lighthouse under the title Instead of Stars.
Key also runs The Shuffle, a monthly poetry showcase at The Poetry Cafe.


One response to “Poem in Which – Amy Key

  1. I love this poem!! The poem in the poem! The “poemness” of it! Well done!

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