Annexe and EKO present… Et Al.

GAWD! Finally!

The time has come once more for us to throw one of our celebrated literary evenings! This event sees us teaming up with the brilliant EKO to bring you some of the finest live literature talent the city has to offer.

‘Why the team-up?’ you ask. Well, the cat is out of the bag now. Together, Annexe and Eko are producing a theatre production of The Odyssey! Yes, you read that right. Later this year, we will be unveiling our first full length theatre production, and let me tell you, it is set to be quite the epic! Though more on that soon.

Our literary bash on the 7th of June will be the first of three evenings raising funds for the theatre production. So, while being a fantastic night out, it’ll also be a chance to help us on our way to creating the best darn show ever.

We’ve got an Annexe favourite back to head the spoken word wonders. Charlie Dupre will take the stage to let loose his unique poetic style. Lyrical ballads tied up with drum and bass rhymes. Epics and tragedies performed with an energetically contemporary lick.

Little Friday Theatre will be performing part of their upcoming Edinburgh show. Entrancing theatre that creates all kinds of haunting tales.

Opening the stage for us we have the inimitable James Brookes, a master poet who weaves narratives of wind-blasted moors and war-wrecked castles. We fell for his charms at a literary salon last year and have been hoping to nab him ever since!

Alongside all that we will have the literary japes that have become synonymous with Annexe events. Games, competitions, prizes and puns are in store. Plus we’ll have a stall set up offering all manner of treats, from zines to baked delights. If that’s not enough for you, the Annexe/EKO DJs will take to the decks to bring you tunes to dance the night away.

Don’t forget to bring a book or two for the bookswap!

So, come along to:
Annexe and EKO present… Et Al.

Thursday 7th June
The Charterhouse Bar
38 Charterhouse Street


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