Mapping Poetry

Tomorrow evening sees the launch of Mapping Poetry, an evening of performed poetry devised by Claire Trévien. As the title suggests, the themes of the evening are maps, location and place.

When Claire invited us to put together a printed piece for the event our creative ears pricked up and we set to work designing exactly what the event called for; a map.

So, behold, a little glimpse of the Mapping Poetry cartographic pamphlet. Six poets, some of whom will be performing at the event itself, have given work that is displayed over the map and the whole thing folds neatly into a self-contained triangle. As the event in question is tomorrow, we don’t want to give the whole game away just yet, but if you head along, you can pick one up for free. If you can’t make it, we will be releasing the map through the website eventually.


Mapping Poetry is at 7pm, Monday 30th April, at the Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green, Beaconsfield.

Claire Trévien is a poetic dynamo. Her first collection was published last year, she is the editor of Sabotage Reviews and alongside Odette Toilette, she is organising the Penning Perfumes event (which we have exacted the design and are typesetting the collection for!)


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