Two Poems: Gloria Sanders

We’ve got an Annexe favourite for Two Poems today. Poetic stalwart, Gloria Sanders reads her piece, The Contortionist, and a work by Felix Dennis.

What was starting point for The Contortionist?
The Contortionist was actually in response to a picture. It was part of inc. magazine’s poetry and illustration collaborative project. I was sent a picture of a sort of squid creature with nibs for hands…tentacles.
For me, a lot of the time, probably because of my background in theatre, I like writing in a voice. So it’s a story told through the narrator character.

The Felix Dennis poem is from his latest publication. It’s all about the English countryside, trees, nature, and actually part of the sale of this collection goes towards planting new trees. Basically this poem is one that I wish I’d written as I’m a bit of a rambler, in words as well as deeds. In September I walked through some of spain and my dad said to me, “so are you going to write about it? Are you inspired?” In short, this poem encapsulates everything I could have written. I think it’s wonderful. I love the movement and the location. The location, especially, is so vivid.


Gloria Sanders is an actress by day and a poet by night. She can often be seen performing under the Liars’ League banner.

Gloria is part of Hide and Seek Theatre and will be performing her brilliant one-woman show at The Pleasance Theatre, London on the 8th of May and 9th-11th at the Malborough Theatre as part of the Brighton Fringe . The Clock is a modern fairy tale about shadows, fear and secrets.
Find out more about the show and the double bill it is part of.
See how you can get involved and help Hide and Seek take the show on tour.

The Squid illustration is by Lorna Scobie for inc. magazine #4



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