Pigeon: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of working with the fantastic Pigeon Magazine, and for the next couple of weeks, will be displaying work alongside them at our show at Five Years Gallery.

Pigeon is the publishing body formed by Rebecca Field, Tamsin Devereux and Jake Evans. As practising artists in their own right, they crafted Pigeon as a curatorial platform, existing both in print and pixel, to cast a critical eye over the issues within the contemporary art world.

As part of their work for the Sites of Alternative Publishing exhibition, they are showing this delightful short video, which gives a snapshot of their collective practice.

“As a newly formed, independent and self-funded publication, ‘Pigeon,’ we readily admit to predominantly learning through doing. Rigorously documenting our processes both through film and through the material we originally discard, we assess what is deemed to be a success or a failure as we go along.

For our recent exhibition at Five Years Gallery, ‘A Pigeon, A Kitchen and An Annexe: Sites of Alternative Publishing’, we responded to a text written by curators, Ladies of the Press, in order to produce a series of prints covering issues from our own art education and the art market we will soon enter. Responding as editors involved a series of physical printing processes from home printing to hand rendering, re-appropriating the imagery and providing us with an opportunity to play with the different definitions. This film shows our process.

Thrown into a new context, exhibiting as an ‘alternative press’ has given us the opportunity to reaffirm what we value within our publication and the message we are sending out.

Don’t shoot the messenger pigeon, in this case the message, art.

Filmed and edited by Tamsin Devereux, Rebecca Field and Jake Evans


Pigeon is based in Brighton and resides online here.

Read more about the current Sites of Alternative Publishing exhibition featuring Pigeon, Annexe and Very Small Kitchen.


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