In Pictures – Cass & Penguin: Design Your Own Book Cover

The blank ‘Design Your Own Cover’ editions from Penguin are certainly not new. (They brought out the first six titles in 2006.) However, it seems like the partnership with Cass Art is much newer indeed and they certainly missed a trick by not making this connection back then!
Cass, in partnership with Penguin, are running weekend workshops (for kids and adults alike) in which you can take and design a book cover in-store absolutely free. We went along to flex our arty muscles.

Each book comes with a beautifully crisp heavyweight blank cover.

The range of titles on offer was nicely diverse, catering for both adults and children. From Aesop’s Fables to The Waves by Virginia Woolf, through Emma by Jane Austen and The Picture of Dorian Grey (Wilde).

These were some of our favourites from the day:

Unfortunately Cass don’t list their events online, so to find out when the next one of these is and what other activities they’ve got planned, go into one of their shops and pick up a free events calendar.


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  1. OMG, I didn’t know this was on! Amaze-balls (sorry to use such a term).

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