One Pun Too Many

With the release of the Et Al Podcast, we thought it only fair to give you some extra bits and bobs too. It’s Christmas after all. So, at the Annexe event, we ran a little competition in which the audience had to fashion some first-class puns. The topic was books cross with bands. We weren’t surprised to see that the Annexe audience is comprised of a lot of witty and erudite folk. We had so many brilliant responses it was hard to choose between them, but we decided on our top four:

Fantastic Mr. Fleet Foxes
Girl with a Pearl Jam Earring
Northanger Abba

The top prize went to:
All Quiet on the Westlife Front

Since that night the entries have resurfaced every so often and without fail every soul in Annexe HQ falls into fits of laughter. We realised it was cruel to keep all this mirth to ourselves so, in no particular order, after the jump are ALL the book/band puns from Annexe Presents…Et Al.

Rage Against the Time Machine
Definitely Maybe Chatterley’s Lover
Touching the Floyd
Weird Scissor Sisters
Westlife of Pi
The Bravery New World
System of a Down and out in Paris and London
The Road Hot Chili Peppers
The Arcade Bonfire of the Vanities
Hound of the BaskerVillage People
Catcher in the Rilo Kiley
Everything but the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Homage to Catatonia
Portrait of the Jarvis as a Young Man
Less than Zero 7
Never Jet Me Go
The Salmon of No Doubt
Of Mice and Men at Work
To the Lighthouse Family
Jane Air
Maroon Slautherhouse Five
Of Mice and Men at Work
Simply Red Riding Hood
The Book of Genesis
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Earth, Wind and Fire
20,000 Human Leagues Under the Sea
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Roses
The New York Dolls Trilogy
Good Charlotte’s Web
A Midsummer Night’s D’Ream
Heart of the Darkness
The Art of Gwar
A Midsummer Night’s Cream


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