Inc. Magazine’s 4th Issue is a Hit

Inc. Magazine has its 4th issue release later this week with a huge launch party to celebrate.

As with each issue of Inc. so far, number 4 is immense fun from cover to cover, and this time Anya Pearson and Will Coldwell, co-founders, co-editors and contributors, have really taken their magazine to an incredible new level. Though, don’t think that this came about by chance. Pearson and Coldwell have been hard at work coordinating this mammoth project with all the poets and illustrators involved and the final product reflects that.

The issue feels like a poetry chapbook/pamphlet, reads like a collection and plays like a game of Chinese whispers. Images and text, each one by a different writer or artist, alternate through the magazine, responding to the previous entry. What this creates is a fantastic train of association. Themes get reinterpreted, altered and completely flipped around.

The work itself is quite varied. Upbeat lyrical poetry sits next to more sombre serious pieces. The emotional tone of the magazine flits back and forth throughout, but at no point does it feel jarring or clunky. By having their trademark playful presentation, Inc. gets away with what other poetry publications can’t.

Working from the multiplatform viewpoint that seems so necessary for up-and-coming literary ventures these days, Inc. has paired the release with a launch night featuring some of the writers from the issue. The event in question is a massive draw in itself, with big names like Ben Mellor on the bill. It’s all a testament to the work and heart that goes into Inc. and how far they’ve come in just a year.


The Inc. Magazine issue 4 launch party is on thursday 8th December. 7pm-11.30
£4 on the door AND that includes a free copy of the magazine.
Railroad Cafe, 120-22 Morning Lane, Hackney, E9 6LH

All images from Inc. Magazine issue 4.

For more on the goings on of the Inc. crew head to their website.


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