Stephanie Tillman – Embroidered comics that’ll leave you in stitches

As you can see from the title, I love one-liners. Often is the time that my horsey guffaw fills a crowded tube as I read a terrific pun. Probably more than I care to admit. However, here is something that I would share with world. The work of Stephanie Tillman. An American living in London, Stephanie fuses wit with craft in her embroidery pieces. They are like beautifully wrought, one panel comics. Drawing her humour from day to day life, she shapes a unique brand of observational comedy, surreally abstracted by the fact that it is delivered by hip, street-savvy animals.

See more and read a few choice words from the artist herself after the jump.

How did you start creating the embroidery pieces?
I’ve always loved sewing and drawing comics, but I was really bad at both. A few years ago I realized that wearing upcycled thrift store clothes made me look like a homeless lady, so I combined these two hobbies and found my creative outlet.

 The captions give each work a really sharp humorous edge. How do you come up with them?
I credit everything to observation. I never leave home without my notebook. I liken my process to one of a stand-up comic with ADHD.

Anything that you might recommend?
If you’re homesick for America like me, I recommend watching “Louie,” listening to “This American Life” and reading old issues of Sassy magazine.


You can see all of Stephanie Tillman’s work here on her website. Or you can see what she’s saying @sbtillman.


2 responses to “Stephanie Tillman – Embroidered comics that’ll leave you in stitches

  1. OMG, these are AMAZING! Thank you for sharing! I love the flamingos one. lol

  2. Adorable and hilarious!

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