Two Poems: Kate Bingham

A short while ago, I was lucky enough to meet renowned poet, Kate Bingham. Thoughtful and eloquent, Kate chatted with me about writing, poets and the pitfalls of television. Somewhere along the way we played an impromptu game of rounders. After all this, Kate kindly read some of her poetry for us. So here, for your aural delectation are two poems. The first is by Kate Bingham herself, and the second is one that she described as being very fond of.

Two by Kate Bingham

Words by Edward Thomas 


Kate Bingham lives and works in London. Her work, for which she has received the Eric Gregory Award, has been in numerous publications, such as Oxford Poetry, The Independent and the Rialto. She has released a collection of poetry called Cohabitation and her first novel, Mummy’s Legs.

Illustration for Two by Nick Murray.
The photo of Edward Thomas is lifted from David Constantine’s commemorative piece to Thomas from the Guardian.


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