Choice tidbits from the worlds real and virtual. Here are some things we’re currently enjoying, including a couple of events that we’ll most certainly be going to next week. Perhaps you should come along too and meet some of the Annexe team.

The Real Tuesday Weld and Glen Duncan – Performances from The Last Werewolf (Monday 3rd October)

This is an event we’ve been awaiting for quite some time. Back in June Arctic Circle held a festival called Fairy Tales and Monsters and one of the headline acts was The Real Tuesday Weld, a noir-tinged explosion of vintage crackles, 1930’s jazz and Gainsbourgian melodies. Perfection in a musical form.
This year they wrote a soundtrack to accompany Glen Duncan’s latest novel The Last Werewolf. Now, they’re joining forces with the author to perform songs from the album alongside readings from the book.
It’s set to be a fantastically dark show mixing Duncan’s wry wit interspersed with the lilting sounds of the band.
Rough Trade East. Monday 3rd of October. 7pm


The Crick Crack Club Presents: Baba Yaga and Other Suspected Cannibals (Tuesday 4th October)

Continuing the shadowy tales theme, here’s storytelling event we’re thoroughly looking forward to. Fairy tales are deliciously dark anyway, but The Crick Crack Club is taking it one step further and devoting an entire night to fangs, feasts and all things that go bite in the night. With heavy hitters such as Rachel Rose Reid on the bill, it can’t disappoint.
It’ll be at Rich Mix on Tuesday 4th of October. 7.30pm
More Info Here


25 Insights on Being a Writer

Jumping from dusky tales to something a bit more enlightening.
The 99% has release this collection of bite sized nuggets of wisdom from exceptional authors such as P.D James and Margaret Atwood. It’s a great read even if you’re not planning on penning your own novel.
Have a look.


The Guardian Book Power 100

A point of great debate in the Annexe HQ has been the Guardian’s recently released Guardian Book Power 100. A lot of work has been halted this week by many a heated discussion over who we thought should have really made the top ten. See if you agree with their list here. If you don’t, we want to hear about it. Leave a comment below and someone will be sure to disagree with you very soon.


Nick (Annexe Ed.) has been rabbiting on about a series of videos he wanted to see on this issue of Meanwhile, but he ended up suggesting so many that the general consensus was that he should just write a completely separate article. Find out what’s been getting him so flustered shortly.


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