What’s happening in the world that tickles us in just the right way? Well, let me tell you! A fresh poetry/illustration magazine, an Australian mystery short film and our favourite comic book shop. That’s what.

All that and more after the jump.

Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine has been going for less than a year, but from day one it’s been a first-class source of poetry and illustration. Often illustrated poetry can come across as pretentious and poetry magazines themselves can be a bit inaccessible. Inc. Magazine has managed to surpass both of these hurdles at every step. In print and at their events, the work is presented with a proper sense of fun that you can’t help taking home with you.
This week they took the leap to digital. You can read Inc. #3 online here (for free), though we urge you to splash out and buy the print version for £3.50 because it’s beautifully printed in colour on recycled paper that’s fantastic on the fingers while the digital version is in stinky black and white.

Also, Inc. is calling for new writers and illustrators for issue 4. If you’re interested, drop them a message.

Some Static Started

Oh, how we enjoy a good story. Especially a good mystery. Some Static Started is a short film by Australian writer/director Ben Briand. What we love about this is how something so simple can be so complex. At its heart, Some Static Started is essentially a monologue. It is illustrated perfectly by the slow panning camerawork and the unsettling scene, but you could listen to the first half of the film without seeing any of the visuals and still be totally unnerved. However halfway through, as if he knew exactly what we were thinking, Briand flips the cinematography on its head and shows us that he can make us even more unnerved without using any dialogue at all. I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I’ll say no more about the story other than it is riveting and you could find a whole lot of worse ways to spend the next eight minutes.

Gosh! Comics has a new store

Gosh! has long been our favourite comic book shop in London. It’s been there through thick and thin like a steadfast friend. Now it’s got even better! Gosh! has moved to an even bigger store smack in the middle of Soho. The new Berwick Street location is a wonderful place. There is room enough for plenty more books than before and it still feels comfortably spacious. Currently there are some astounding prints by Dave McKean on the walls down to the huge basement floor. (That’s right. TWO huge floors of comics at your disposal.) Having the ground and basement floors makes the new Gosh! just enough like the old Gosh! except with a little evolution.What’s more, from tomorrow there will be a giant knitted squid made from woven Sainsbury’s bags lurking in the window! Now that’s got to be worth a look.

(photo by smeng78)


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