Cats by Marylyn Plessner

Today we present to you a reading of the poem Cats by Marylyn Plessner, spoken by the much-revered choral master Colin Howard.

Read the poem after the jump.

Inside the Coliseum, the Roman cats
are playing on the ruins
of the Christian martyrs’ cells.
At the forum Romanum
they sun themselves
on broken stone,
and in the shelter
of Constantine’s great arch
new generations are born
and weaned.

At the Basilica, certain of Eternity,
watched by the waiting cats,
the pilgrims queue
to touch the stone remains
of Peter’s foot,
and gaze through toughened glass
at the pieta:
evidence that God is good.

Marylyn Plessner is a Canadian writer who lives on the East Coast of England.

The illustration is by our own dear editor, Nick Murray.


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