These are the things that have tickled us in Annexe HQ today.

A bookshop on a barge.
Poetry bombing
Letraset Visual Poems
A notebook most classy.

Find out more after the jump.

A Bookshop on a Barge

Aiming to promote a less hurried outlook to book buying, the Book Barge takes independent bookshops down a different course. Read about it here.
(via The Guardian)

Visual Poetry Made Entirely From Letraset.
For Kristen is a visual poem by the conceptual poet Derek Beaulieu. Have a look.

The first time we ever heard the term ‘Poetry Bomber’
Agustina Woodgate sews her unique brand of poetics into unsuspecting clothes.
(via The Guardian)

The Moleskine is the poor imposter of this high quality notebook.
Have a look at the Leuchtterm1917 and try to tell me I’m mistaken.


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