A Screenplay for Sir Michael Gambon by Jack Swain

A Screenplay for Sir Michael Gambon
by Jack Swain

Recently the all-round creative powerhouse, Jack Swain, confessed a secret love for Michael Gambon. Naturally, we weren’t surprised. Who can say that deep down in their heart of hearts they don’t keep a special space reserved for The Great Gambon. Following this statement, Jack presented us with a screenplay, written with Sir Michael in mind. It’s part biting satire and part affectionate send-up of theatre and all it stands for. The hope is that Gambon will take the lead role. Watch this space.

Each page can be enlarged with the slightest of clicks.


Jack Swain is a writer and advertising person living in London.
He is currently acting in Phillipa and Will are Now in A Relationship by Jonathan Brittain which will be at Edinburgh Fringe this year.
He often says things here @jacknswain


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